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The Ceramic Cup Is Completely Harmless
- Aug 24, 2017 -

The main raw material of the ceramic cup is the mud, not the rare metal, will not waste our living resources, it will not pollute the environment, neither the destruction of resources, but also non-toxic harmless. Selection of ceramic cups reflect the understanding of environmental protection, love for our living environment.

Ceramic cups are environmentally friendly, durable and practical, Ceramic Mug is the crystallization of soil, water and fire. Natural raw materials, combined with the power of nature, into the human science and technology, created our lives are less than the daily necessities, the invention of pottery is an important process of human civilization - is the first use of natural human beings, according to their own will To create a new thing. Ceramic Mug From the ancient Paleolithic pottery found in the Nihewan area of Yangyuan County, Hebei Province, the production of pottery in China has been a long history for many years.


According to the temperature can be divided into

1. Low temperature ceramic cups

Low temperature porcelain firing temperature of 700-900 degrees.

2. Medium temperature ceramic cup

Generally refers to the firing temperature of 1000 degrees --- 1200 degrees or so of the ceramic.

3. High temperature ceramic cups

High temperature porcelain firing temperature of 1200 degrees or more.

Ceramic cup in addition to the appearance of good-looking, easy to use, but also has many you do not know the benefits of it! Ceramic cups and plastic cups compared to the plastic cups brought about by the harmful gases and substances, according to experts confirmed that long-term use of plastic cups may cause cancer. Ceramic Mug Ceramic cup is completely harmless, it will not like a metal cup, long-term use will be harmful to the possibility of metal. Because the ceramic cup is a low thermal conductivity of high-grade ceramic materials, with high resistance to erosion and erosion resistance.

Everyday we buy cups are generally habitually choose ceramic cups or glass, it is well known that the use of ceramic ceramic cup is certainly better than the plastic material or other material of the cup, but this "excellent" is reflected in which many people can not say Come, Ceramic Mug today I told you to share with the ceramic cup to drink the advantages of water.

First of all, the material and manufacturing process, the ceramic cup is not only material safety, but also high temperature. Qualified ceramic cups are made of high quality porcelain clay in high temperature environment, in the refining process does not contain organic chemicals, so the use of ceramic cups do not have to worry about the harmful chemical substances into the stomach, and Plastic cups often add plasticizers, which contain some toxic chemicals. When we use plastic cups to heat the water, toxic chemicals are easily diluted into the water, Ceramic Mug so that as the water enters into our body, the experts Also said that the use of poor quality plastic cup may cause cancer; and another common metal cup may contain harmful metals, harmful metals on human health is also a great harm, so the ceramic cup can be said to be the most Safe and healthy, so drink water should be preferred no glaze coating, Ceramic Mug and the inner wall of colorless ceramic cup.

Ceramic cups in addition to material safety, there is a relatively good insulation effect; In addition, the ceramic cup wall surface is smooth, bacteria and dirt is not easy in the cup wall breeding; in cleaning, Ceramic Mug ceramic cup also has the absolute advantage, under normal circumstances Cup of tea stains can be used toothpaste or salt bar cleaning, run into stubborn stains can be used citrus skin scrub, both environmentally friendly and harmless.

Finally, I would also like to remind you that even if the ceramic cup health and environmental protection, but no matter how good the cup if not ground cleaning, but also to bring great harm to human health, the cup is not clean, the incidence of intestinal infection and other diseases will be Greatly increased, Ceramic Mug so even if the purchase of a better safety factor ceramic cup to drink water, but also every day to wash the cup in order to be more healthy.

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